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Last updated 2012-04-17

Fast Forward Special Sampler Cassette by O.R.D.U.C.

The Special Sampler Cassette "Fast Forward" by O.R.D.U.C.

MC (28:05), 1981-09, New Bulwark Records & Tapes, 201-8116

Only Side:
1. "Intro" 1:39
2. "Speedy" 2:55
3. "Interview" 5:37
4. "Transistorchild" 3:43
5. "Extro" 1:37
6. "Backstar" 4:11
7. "Backstar" 8:23.

O.R.D.U.C.: Rhythmmachine, Guitars, Synthesizers, Vocals.

In the spring of 1981 the Australian cassette-magazine Fast Forward was contacted. In their number 006 they wrote a short article about “Pre Pink & Purple” and “Pink & Purple”. In later correspondence it was agreed that they would release a track on one of their next magazines. So the tracks "Intro", "Interview" and "Extro" were recorded exclusively for Fast Forward. It are information-tracks. The other tracks were earlier recorded. The first five tracks - wich were sent to Fast Forward - are a compact sound-magazine. This Special Sampler original was also released on cassette. On it the both "Backstar" tracks were added.

1. Intro
An introduction to the whole sound-article. It contains general information about the history of O.R.D.U.C. until 1981.

2. Speedy
Almost every article has one or two picture’s. This is piece is a picture in sound, with a lot of guitars. This track was released on Fast Foreward 008/009, the “Annual Report”.

3. Interview
In the course of 1981 O.R.D.U.C. received a lot questions from several magazines. The most important ones, with the answers to them were recorded as a kind of live interview.

4. Transistorchild
Another musical picture, this one is inspired through a magazine from England, by the same name.

5. Extro
The conclusion of this sound-article, and the former contact-address from O.R.D.U.C.

6. Backstar (Sun-side)
This track and the next are forward/ reverse/speed-experiments. The Sun-side is the faster edition. A special remix from this track was released in 1982 and under the name Enif Omnivorius on the samlper “Colonial Vipers” by Trumpet Tapes.

7. Backstar (Moon-side)
This Moon-side edition brings you to the stars behind the moon.

Who are the mebers of O.R.D.U.C.?
Who are the mebers of O.R.D.U.C.?