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Last updated 2009-08-26

Pseudonyms from O.R.D.U.C.

All pseudonyms mentioned on this page are to be regarded as divisions from the notorious O.R.D.U.C.

the Cosmic Dream logo

the Cosmic Dream
The Cosmic Dream was founded in 1990. The name of this project tells it allready all. This project was one of the results to re-vitalize O.R.D.U.C. again. In 1990 was the 20th anniversery-tour planned from O.R.D.U.C.. It was called "Music from the Cosmic Dream Orchestra" and was a logical step after the never released album "Lost in Time and Space". That album was a compilation from several released and unreleased tracks from O.R.D.U.C.. The idea lived on as the anniversery passed. From 1991 untill 1995 several tracks were recorded. They will be released in the future. There is only one member: Nico Selen (Guitar, Synthesizers, Drums and Vocals).

The Minimal Metal logo

Minimal Metal
Minimal Metal was founded April the 14th of 1997. It is the follow-up from the projects Wolff P. Rillings (1980/1983) and Ilo Istatov (1984/1997). Minimal Metal plays pure minimal and industial music. The magic of a sound is much more impotant as a composition. A complete album with the tittle "Magnetic Fields" is recorded. This album is in preparation for release. Minimal Metal uses not only analogue synthesizers, but also guitars, al kinds of percussion and voices. So far there is only one member: Nico Selen (Guitar, Synthesizers, Drums and Vocals), but Minimal Metal is open for industrial-minimalist who want to join.

NoNotes is a project to create music without the use of notes.It was started in December of 2002. Only a month later the first album "Mode" was finished. The music you can best describe as industrial soundscapes. NoNotes uses synthesizers, a guitar and effects. This project is more or less as a brother to Minimal Metal. The members are: Martin Selen (Synthesizer) and Nico Selen (Guitar, Synthesizer and Effects).

the Bearcage logo

the Bearcage
This project started on the ruins of a short-excisted band called Europa. It was founded in 1983 as an answer to disco-music. This project wanted to make danceable music, wich tells people that things have to change. In six years they recorded more than ten tracks. Five of them where released on various samplers. (Some of these samplers where compiled by Motok.) It are the tracks "Friends", "Timerider", "Lowlands" (original not released as the Bearcage but as A.D. Eker & M. Faincare) on the compilation album "Friends", "Words" on the compilation-album "Contactdisc 4" and "First Sound" on the compilation-album "E-Lok 1111".
A complete album containing almost all recorded tracks was released by Motok in a limited edition on cassette. It was tittled "First Sounds" and contained the five previous mentioned tracks and another five, amoung wich "The Sea". This one is a 'cover' from "De Zee", by O.R.D.U.C.. The complete track-list is:
Side A: 1. "
First Sound" (1987) 1:24 / 2. "Edwins Joy" (1985) 2:15 / A3. "The Sea" (1988) 3:17 / 4. "Lives" (1987) 3:35 / 5. "The Fifth" (1984) 0:36. Side B: 6. "Words" (1985) 3:00 / 7. "UNI" (1984) 0:22 / 8. "Lowland" (1986) 2:32 / 9. "Friends" (1986) 2:00 / 10. "Timerider" 2:44.
The members were: Dirk Desaever (Synthesizers and Samplers), Andries D. Eker (Synthesizers), Myra van der Jagt (Vocal), Hans Paus (Guitar and Synthesizer), Nico Selen (under the pseudonym Mishoe Faincare) (Rhythms, Synthesizers and Vocals), Michel Timmerman (Guitar) and Leon Venderbosch (Guitar).
Perhaps this project will be active again in the future.

The Drugom logo

DPYGOM (pronounced drugam) was a project for experimenting with ambient guitar/synthesizer music. A few tracks were recorded; one of them was released on a compilation-cassette; "KOCMOC" (pronounced kasmas). The players were: Edwin Selen (Guitar) and Nico Selen (Guitar, Rhythms and Synthesizers).

In the late summer of 1982 Nico started a new band with his O.R.D.U.C.-collegue Louis Schreur. It was the intention to make electronical pop music, wich should be performed live. Nico wrote three songs for the rehearsels; "Buy", "Peace" and "Timerider". At the end of 1982 it was clear that the individual members were to differtent for this band. No recordings were made. The members were: Louis Schreur (Synthesizer), Nico Selen (Rhythms and Synthesizers), Michel Timmerman (Guitar) and André Zweers (Synthesizers and Rythms)

Mishoe Faincare in the Bearcage

Mishoe Faincare
This is not an O.R.D.U.C.-pseudonym. It is a pseudonym for Nico Selen. It was only used for the Bearcage.

In 1986 this project recorded one track in the Polish language. It was called "Czas" (Time) and released on the compilation-album "Friends". Later that year another track was recorded "Witam" (Welcom), but it never was released. The members were: Gosia Bezeg (Vocal), Edwin Selen (Vocal) and Nico Selen (Rhythms and Synthesizers).

Ilo Istatov's logo

Ilo Istatov
This is also a pseudonym for Nico Selen. Under this name he worked in O.R.D.U.C. from 1983 until 1989. He also recorded a successfull album "Lines" (1986). It contained three long pieces. The first two are based on Robert Fripp's 'Frippertronic-techniique'. The third is a Soundscape. This last track also can be heared as a part from "Platanen" from De Fabriek.
Side A: 1. "
Faces" 31:10. Side B: 2. "Lines" 22:01 / 3. "Dates" 7:36.

The Enif Omnivorius logo

Enif Omnivorius
This is a pseudonym-project from O.R.D.U.C.. It was only used twice to release music wich could not be released under the name O.R.D.U.C.. It were "Backstar" (Remix) on the compilation-cassette "Colonial Vipers" (1982) and "Journey" on the compilation-LP "Contactdisc 1" (1982). The members were: Ruud Kluivers (Vocoder) and Nico Selen (Synthesizers).

Plastic Machine
This project was founded in 1996 to create house-orientated music. Six tracks were rehearsed as for a planned album. The members were: Edwin Selen (Synthesizer, Raps), Fredryke Selen (Vocal), Martin Selen (Drums) and Nico Selen (Guitar, Rhythms, Synthesizer and Vocal).

Wolff P. Rillings

Wolff P. Rillings
Another pseudonym, but this one turned into a project. The pseudonym was ment for production-work (Ruud Kluivers, De Fabriek, Solenoid and T.L.A.) and participation to other projects (De Fabriek and T.L.A.). It went for one occasion into a project december 1982, when the minimal epic "Train of Thought" was performed live in Zwolle. The players were: Louis Schreur (Synthesizer and Effects) and Nico Selen (Synthesizers). In 1987 recordings from this concert were prepared for release on cassette, but they never were released.

I.W. Wenetski
In 1985 a track called "Paezdka" (Journey) was recorded by this project and released by Richard van Dellen's Fab-Prod. It is sung in Russian. There was also an dub-version on the compilation-album, on wich this song appeared. This dub-version was made by Richard. There was only one member: Nico Selen (Synthesizers and Vocal).