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Last updated 2009-08-26

To O.R.D.U.C. related projects

People who have played in O.R.D.U.C., also have worked with the following artists:

A drawing from Alain Basso

Alain Basso & Ilo Istatov
A co-production of the French Alain Basso and the project Ilo Istatov. Three tracks were recorded. These three were released as one track on the compilation-album "MOTOP 2" in 1991. Actually one of those tracks is an O.R.D.U.C.-track from D-Train-sessions. The players were: Alain Basso, Andries D. Eker, Hans Paus, Barry "Echo" Rikkerink and Nico Selen.

The fate from Block 57?

Block 57
For the in 1988 released compilation-album "Transistors and Chips" O.R.D.U.C. recorded several versions of the track "Hypnosis" as a basis. Artists who wanted a co-production could use this basis. Block 57 used one of this versions. The players were: Guy van Mieghem, Dirk Ivens and Nico Selen.

A factory-wall (from "Blecheintopf")

De Fabriek
There have been a great number of co-productions of people who played in O.R.D.U.C. and in De Fabriek. It stretches over a period from 1980 until 1988. Three very important productions were: "Schafttijdsamba", "Blecheintopf" and "enz,, enz,,". The players were: Richard van Dellen, Andries D. Eker, Gerrit Hoekema, Barry "Echo" Rikkerink, Louis Schreur and Nico Selen.

A photograph made by Gerrit Hoekema

Gerrit Hoekema
Between 1982 and 1986 Gerrit Hoekema and Nico Selen worked together. Initially they recorded three tracks, wich were released on the next compilation-albums: "Contactdisc 1", "Friends" and "Transistors and Chips".
Also they recorded a track with Barry "Echo" Rikkerink as TLA. It was released on "Contactdisc 2" in 1984.
Finally this duo recorded four tracks together with Richard van Dellen and a friend of his as De Fabriek. These tracks were later released on the album "enz,, enz,," by Richard.

Jehova Meltdown
In 1997 Nico Selen mixed and mastered the first EP from this duo for Feedback Records.

Kapotte Muziek
From 1985 till 1991 Nico worked on several tracks from Frans de Waards Kapotte Muziek. They were released on the compilation-albums "Transistors and Chips", "MOTOP 1", "MOTOP 2" and the first album on LP from Kapotte Muziek: "History is what was"

La Nuova Altea photographed by Ruud Kluivers

Ruud Kluivers
In 1982 Nico Selen carefully added some post-production to Ruud Kluivers': "La Nuova Altea" album.

The Solenoid logo as it appeared on their cassette "Silex Hippopola"

In december 1981 Nico Selen produced the album "Sliex Hippopola" from Solenoid.

TLA (De Zolder / The Lost Attic / TechnoLogical Aquiver)
From 1982 until 1991 Barry "Echo" Rikkerink and Nico Selen worked together on several productions.

Louis Schreur and Nico Selen worked together from 1980 until 1986 in this project. Although more tracks were recorded, only one track - "Dune" - was released in 1986 on the compilation-album "Friends".