Alien Train by O.R.D.U.C. on Schizophobia

Compilation cassette (84:16), 1989
Interrupt Product IP 02

A1 Militia Chresti: "Plays 'Das Grab'" 5:28
A2 Nostalgie Eternelle: "Behind A Closed Door" 3:04
A3 Szarkov: "Hello, I'm God!" 7:12
A4 O.R.D.U.C.: "Alien Train" 4:10
A5 M.Nomized: "Electro" 7:09
A6 Lyke Wake: "The Sidereal Dream" 3:13
A7 PBK: "Propulse" 11:50
B1 Winter: "Now It's Reduced" 2:56
B2 Vidna Obmana: "Not Like Water From Heaven" 2:33
B3 Line Farmer 117: "Nelleke Part 2" 1:50
B4 Line Farmer 117: "Horngame" 2:10
B5 Line Farmer 117: "World War V" 5:33
B6 Appi: "Ampfip-Maktonafasp4ks5sip" 2:35
B7 Dikyl Brobojo: "Hommage A Coppola" 7:45
B8 Big City Orchestra: "Abbaye De L'Echaude" 4:26
B9 No Unauthorized: "Electrique" 2:15
B10 The Grey Wolves: "Untitled" 10:07

Andries D. Eker; Guitar and Looping
Hans Paus; Synthesizer
Nico Selen; Synthesizer
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