Names by O.R.D.U.C. on Contactdisc 5

Contactdisc 5 Compilation LP (± 40:00), 1987
Stichting Stopcontact CD 25

A1 Beatnik Love Affair: "Share My Heart's Blood"
A2 Frozen Ducks: "Lost Freedom"
A3 Tranquil Eyes: "It's So Strange"
A4 Menko: "She's Called Bill"
A5 The Paradox: "A New Rain"
A6 S.C.I.: "Digital Psychosis"
B1 Panta Rhei: "Refrigerator"
B2 X-Ray Pop: "Chapeau Volant"
B3 BB Speedok: "Banania Girl"
B4 Das Synthetische Mischgewebe: "He And We And You And They All In A Rage Of A Fail Campaign"
B5 Confused Parents: "Mind Diseases"
B6 Hans Slock: "C'Est A Dire"
B7 Kapotte Muziek: "Swing Sexy Sadie"
B8 O.R.D.U.C.: "Names"
B9 De Fabriek: "Kormsolsoftmuzmecfab"

Compiled by Ruud Kluivers
Design by Ruud Kluivers
Mastered by Hero Wouters at Studio Sassenheerdt
Contactdisc 5
Compilation EP from Stichting Stopcontact on wich every contributing artist payed for each contributed minute and received an amount of the released records in return. This principe was also used by Plurex (1 EP), Stichting Muziek Nieuws (3 LP's and 2 CD's) and Stichting Stopcontact (5 LP's)
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